liminus. Combining ‘liminal’ - a threshold, or an ‘in-between’, frequently associated with spaces that are fertile and transformative - with ‘luminous’, allowing the light to come in. It is an attempt to capture the sense that progress is unlikely to come from following well-worn paths that separate us from each other, but that we must seek out those spaces in between our institutions and traditional habits of mind.

Tuesday, August 20 – Thursday August 22

St. Pat’s Church, Woody Point, NL

Hosted by Gros Morne Summer Music and featuring ensemble-in-residence, Dark by Five

Liminus Music is a three-day symposium designed to bring together industry leaders, practitioners and stakeholders interested in advancing innovation in classical music; exploring ways to create more meaningful relationships between classical music and audiences and finding new ways to develop future markets. Through presentations, panel discussions and performances, participants will contribute to future strategies to advance artistic practices for emerging artists, ensembles, presenters, curators and training institutions in an effort to forge more imaginative, innovative, engaging, and meaningful encounters between artists and their public.